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Hi, We're ALECA Solutions

ALECA provides comprehensive solutions and expertise in the field of sustainable energy and environmental conservation.

Mission & Vision

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Our Innovation

ALECA is a cloud-based practical toolkit for any industry that wants to understand value and sustainability.  It is designed and programmed by a team of experienced consultants and provides a series of technical, commercial and carbon footprint modules that enable teams of multidisciplinary professionals to collaborate.  Together we find innovative and sustainable ways to deliver projects, in an AGILE and Sustainable way.

The system is available via the cloud, securely hosted by Microsoft Azure.  Through the system, the ALECA Global Expert Network is also available to provide remote consulting services. 

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ALECA Core Values

ALECA will enable us to do the right thing. We all want to spend more time with our loved ones, or pursue activities within our communities and we want to take care of the planet to build a greener tomorrow.  These things should not come at a great cost and personal sacrifice.


At ALECA, we believe in work-life balance, and working on meaningful ways to improve the quality of life for all including the environment, through ingenuity, time efficiency and collaboration. We also support the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

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Footprint Management

Reduce CO2 emissions

Empowering the energy industry for a sustainable future with our cloud-based collaborative system and consulting solutions.


Our Mission

Is to provide a cloud-based, collaborative system and consulting solution that creates more efficient evaluation workflows allowing users to prioritise their work-life balance and implement environmental initiatives to their projects.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner providing investment opportunity evaluation & collaboration bespoke tools to industries who want to weigh sustainability equally with both technical & commercial solutions

Efficiency In Energy

Energy Industry

The energy industry is expected to spend over US$554B in 2021, and as stakeholder engagement and environmental concerns continue to rise, the need for sustainability and capital efficiency becomes crucial. ALECA offers a modern cloud-based toolkit and AGILE ways of working that enable companies to lead the industry's transformation, saving significant capital and reducing over a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Our Journey

ALECA Sdn Bhd is registered in Malaysia, and was created by a team of energy consultants that recognised the industry needs to adapt.  Things have changed, and the team at ALECA is bringing a new way of working to the industry. ALECA was born from a  practical need to have a single, simplified, technical, commercial and environmental system, a cloud-based affordable solution, to allow all experts to collaborate remotely.

Torii Gates

ALECA is a new, agile toolkit developed by a team of industry experts, programmers, and project managers. It eliminates reliance on complex and expensive software packages in typical projects, minimizing handover issues, communication barriers, and inefficiency. Join ALECA today and experience its benefits since its successful launch in October 2020!

Cloud Security

ALECA is secure.

ALECA is cloud-based, hosted on Microsoft Azure, which is setting new standards for cloud security.

Azure has the largest global network of cloud computer centers and has the largest budget for cyber security. 

Data Cloud

Removing Pain Points

Traditional energy industry project delivery methods are "Waterfall" based, relying on separate discipline-related stage gates, in a typical command & control culture.  

  • Lack of communication & trust

  • Errors during handovers

  • Difficult to repeat workflows

  • Longer project timelines

  • Delayed decision making

  • Inefficiency & higher costs

  • Difficulty valuing sustainability

Fäuste in Solidarität

ALECA helps organisations transition to more AGILE ways of working.  The system standardises, digitalises & centralises projects, empowering young professionals to collaborate and deliver projects faster. It also provides a simplified way to leverage global experts, to mentor and peer review projects.


ALECA Youtube Content

Creative solutions for carbon capture (CCUS)


Feel free to request us

Don't hesitate to contact us if you seek further information and wish to delve deeper into the matter.

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