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ALECA provides the most collaborative, Agile, practical, technical and commercial toolkit to the energy industry.  Our partners who use ALECA deliver more informed investment decisions, faster and with a lower carbon footprint. Cloud-based and secure with Microsoft Azure, get ALECA and start saving costs and emissions today!

ALECA is able to provide a range of consultants on an hourly or dayrate basis to help all organisations deliver their projects on time and on budget.


Why join or why leverage our global expert network? We provide every consultant with our toolkit free of charge to for non-commercial use. 

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With your support, ALECA is able to provide free software for Universities globally and a series of workshops with adjunct lecturers to train the next generation of energy project leaders. ALECA promotes Women in Industry, Women in STEM, calculating Carbon Footprint and reducing carbon emissions.

Sponsor a Module! Transform your technical idea into a cloud-based App!

To date the ALECA team has built a practical toolkit of cloud-based, connected modules to probabilistically calculate HCIIP, a DCA forecast, run basic economics and calculate your projects carbon footprint.  The system also has numerous project management tools.

Do you have a practical tool that you want incorporated into ALECA?  Sponsor the build and the team will help do the R & D and User Interface design along with getting it programmed into your very own ALECA Module!  Contact us:

What users like about ALECA

Andrew Weller

PhD Data Management

ALECA is the most cost effective way to digitilise your organisation and  become part of the 4th Industrial Revolution

John Swankie

Project Manager

If you are looking to transform the way you work, from waterfall to AGILE, choose ALECA!

Yasmin Iman

CCUS Advocate

ALECA is the first system that brings all disciplines onto one platform to collaborate and find ways to reduce the project footprint

Graeme Rae

Production Technology Advisor

As an asset evaluation tool, ALECA is outstanding in enabling early population of a risk register and communicating uncertainty on a project 

Stephanie Santa

Geologist & Green Advocate

ALECA is the only system that standardises the way teams calculate their projects carbon footprint & capture ways to reduce it

Gordon Yeomans

PRMS Reserves Advisor

ALECA leads the way in driving innovation and communication on projects by centralising the way we remotely collaborate

Asset Life Evaluation & Collaboration App
for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Things have changed...

ALECA invites you to get involved, join our network and start saving costs today!

ALECA is the first independent software to integrate all experts.

ALECA is secure.

Hosted on on the cloud with Microsoft Azure.


We aim to be your trusted partner in delivering value.



consultants, expanding a cloud-based toolkit to  


the way we work!



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Transforming the way multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to evaluate an energy asset

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