ALECA is a cloud-based system that provides a collaborative technical and commercial toolkit for the energy industry. It replaces numerous software packages for a fraction of the price and provides access to an expert network to help evaluate any opportunity.


Our modules range from calculating the carbon footprint, project management tools, pressure and risk calculators, hydrocarbon in place (HCIIP) and decline curve analysis (DCA) probabilistic assessments. We are now building a collaborative economics toolkit that connects to the other modules in order to quickly screen projects. ALECA continually develops modules, join us today to help shape this new way of collaborating!

  • Choose Your Experts! 

    This module connects users to our global network consultants with  various disciplines. 

  • HCIIP Calculator Probabilistic Assessment Distributions Normal Log Normal Swanson's Uniform

    Hydrocarbon Initially In Place 

    This module estimates opportunity Hydrocarbon Initially in Place with full probabilistic assessments.

  • Hydrocarbon Initially In Place Tornado Chart

    A tornado diagram is a common tool used to depict the sensitivity of a result to changes in selected variables. 

  • Decline Curve Analysis

    This module estimates the Decline Rate in hydrocarbon production. 

  • Risk Register 

    This module serves as  to estimate risks from various disciplines;  includes mitigation action and contingency plans.

  • Gas Material Balance

    This module estimates range for Gas Initially In Place (GIIP) and Cumulative Production (Gp) at abandonment pressure

  • Calculate Footprint (Production)

    This module quantifies carbon dioxide emission from hydrocarbon production from  a barrel of oil and compares hydrocarbon types with its energy density.

  • Pressure

    This module serves as  pressure input for a project, calculates equivalent mud weight, over pressure estimation according to hydrocarbon & hydrostatic gradients. 

  • Horner's Temperature Correction Plot

    This module corrects for bottom hole temperature, which accounts for the cooling of the formation temperature from the drilling fluids.

  • Project Management Tools

    Scope of Work, Deliverables, Schedule & Approvals are project management modules to aid documentation of routinely employed in the field of project management. It defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines.

  • References & Analogues

    This module stores references and analogues on the cloud. 

  • Location

    This module serves to locate basins, infrastructure and facilities.

  • Standardised Play & GEORISK

    This module captures the Play Risk and Georisk for a project.

  • Calculate Footprint (Cost)

    This module calculates CAPEX, OPEX and ABEX; and estimates CO2 Emissions from expenditure. This module also represents various country benchmarking for CO2 Emissions; according to Global Domestic Product and its past CO2 Emissions. 


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