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4 reasons to join ALECA:


  • gain access to a practical toolkit

  • fraction of traditional software costs

  • reduce number of software packages

  • focus work on fit for purpose

  • deliver projects remotely & faster



  • ideal for remotely collaborating & working from home

  • advertise your expertise internationally

  • optimise teams of experts globally

  • invite colleagues and clients to use ALECA and run projects

  • support clients a few days a month, on an on call basis

  • centralised project toolkit & storage, secure on the cloud with Microsoft Azure



  • calculate carbon footprint on production & project capital

  • a tool that guides teams to choose the right path along ethical dilemmas

  • quantifies the impact of the project and can standardise project ranking

  • promote multi-disciplinary collaboration to innovate and reduce the carbon footprint of your investments today


  • help give young professionals a toolkit to raise their confidence

  • be part of a system that enables mentoring & coaching remotely

  • enhance trust, collaboration and open communication across disciplines on your projects

  • be part of your clients talent management, competency assurance and succession planning

  • support over 100,000 students globally as an adjunct lecturer

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